The 6 Best Taco Joints in Missouri!

No matter what the occasion is, everybody loves a good taco. From the basic ground beef, to the fish variety, to the exotic and creative, tacos are everyone’s favorite easy eat. Here are the 6 best taco places in Missouri! 

Habaneros Mexican Grill, Carthage and Joplin, MO

Habaneros is famous for their fresh guacamole—so fresh they make it right there at your table!—but their real treasure is the carne asada tacos. Juicy spiced steak with onion and cilantro, topped with their homemade salsa, make these tacos some of the tastiest in the region—and luckily they have two locations, so if you’re in the southwest corner of the state, there’s probably one near you!

Tortilleria Perches, Springfield, MO

The one thing everyone mentions about Tortilleria Perches that it’s simple, good Mexican food. Founded by a Mexican family over a decade ago, the Tortilleria provides a small, no-frills setting in which to eat some of the best, most authentic tacos you can find. Their little restaurant also features Mexican candies and pastries, but those are just gravy—the tacos are the real draw!

La Fonda El Taquito, Kansas City, MO

How did we not know there was a National Taco Day? Why is this not an international holiday marked by parades and endless taco-ing? At La Fonda El Taquito, that’s exactly what it is, on October 4 and every other day as well. They confidently boast the “best fried taco in Missouri,” and other restaurants would be hard pressed to challenge them!

44 Canteen, Columbia, MO

Canteen 44 bills itself as a full food and drink experience, and they have the menu and bar to back it up. But whatever you end up drinking, your first menu choice should be from the taco page—that’s right, a whole page of taco offerings! Just a few of these offerings include shrimp, chorizo, Philly steak, fish, and daily taco specials custom made by 44 Canteen’s creative chefs. 

Cantina Laredo, Branson, MO

Cantina Laredo, located in Branson and with a branch in Springfield, has a full menu of tacos, but thanks to a write up in a local “Best Of” magazine, has become famous for its fish tacos above all. Lightly grilled Mahi Mahi, fresh vegetables, and a perfectly spicy sauce make these tacos some of the most uniquely delicious tacos in the state. 

Taco Taco, Poplar Bluff, MO

Taco Taco is a small-town restaurant with a loyal following—but it’s so well known that it attracts visitors and tourists as well. The restaurant is famous for its build-your-own-taco custom orders, and for its enormously generous portions. Come on Taco Tuesday for $1 shredded beef or chicken tacos!

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