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John Penrod

Monday, June 11, 2018

Sorry... This time was not be good... On Sunday after church... Had to tell the girl taking our order every detail... Need. Crackers and hot sauce for my chili.... Where is the dressing and nuts for the Chicken Pecan Salad ... Ordered the blue cheese on the side .. put it on the salad.... Can I get my coffee and fries.... Not the usual service for sure.

Karen Hayworth

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Such a great staff and glad we got to meet Curtis. What a nice young man!

tim richardson

Saturday, May 19, 2018

This is probably the filthiest Wendy's I've been to. Couple that with a 15 minute wait and a cashier who had to have a manager help count back change and a manager that had to use the calculator on his phone to figure out the change. I gave them a $50 bill and a $1 bill on a $20.84 order. This took 5 minutes from the time I gave them the money to the time I received my change. I can understand not being good at math, but keeping a place clean? There is no excuse.

Janice Johnson

Friday, March 23, 2018

I love that Wendy's has so many choices that are low in Weight Watchers points. The soda machine did not work and it was hard to get a drink after being given an empty cup and only one person at the counter who was taking other orders. This is the first time this has happened at the Wendy's to me

Amber B

Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017

This Wendy's is always super busy during lunch. Expect a wait at the freestyle machine. There is one cashier that is always super cranky. The salads are always yummy! As well as the Frosty's. My kids would like everyone in the world to know how good it is to dip french fries into a Frosty! My husband likes the chicken sandwiches and chili. But beware the chili is always burn your tongue hot!