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Ride The Ducks Branson

2320 West Highway 76

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Duck's Eye View

Ride The Ducks is the nation's largest amphibious tour operator and amphibious vehicle manufacturer. Our mission is to "create Quack-tastic" memories worth repeating" by offering our guests an entertainment sightseeing experience that is fun, informative and engaging.

Our fleet exceeds 90 vehicles, carrying over 1,200,000 guests each year around the United States.

Ride The Ducks is headquartered just outside Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia.

Our Migration

We hatched this business in 1977 in Branson, Missouri when local entrepreneur Bob McDowell acquired a small sightseeing business and quickly adopted the mission to build a better guest experience.

1977 - The McDowell's launch Ride The Ducks in Branson, MO

1994 - Ride The Ducks agrees to provide vehicles to Boston Duck Tours, a relationship that continues today

1999 - RTD subsidiary Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturing receives USCG approval for patented "Stretch Duck," significantly improving the classic WWII DUKW

2003 - Ride The Ducks of Philadelphia opens

2003 - Ride The Ducks of Stone Mountain Park (Georgia) opens

2004 - Herschend Family Entertainment purchases Ride The Ducks International

2006 - Amphibious Vehicle Manufacturing receives USCG approval for patented "Truck Duck," an entirely new and modern design based on nearly 30 years of operating experience

2008 - Ride The Ducks launches in San Francisco and Newport, KY (across the river from Cincinnati)

2012 - Ride The Ducks becomes an independent company.


Lori Hickman

Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018
Had fun when we went a while back. I remember that it had rained recently, and that was part of the reason why they couldn't do a "splash down". It was as fun as I remembered either way. Our captain was great. Would I want to go again? Yes. (*the gift shop is also nice. We found some good souvenirs.)

Elizabeth Lindley

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
My husband and I had fun riding the ducks. I wish that it wasn't so pricey but it's a tourist attraction so that's kind of expected. I was disappointed that the duck whistles no longer come with your ticket, you have to purchase separately. The whistle used to be a part of the experience. But, we had fun and stumpy was a great captain. I got sassy with him and he interacted with me over it which was a lot of fun. Overall, we had fun and I think it was worth doing at least once, especially for families but it's fun for anybody. We sat near the middle of the duck and did not get wet during the drive into the water.

Mike Pounds

Saturday, July 21, 2018
All the issues you expect from a tourist attraction are present. Hard to find parking, long lines, delays, and pricey. I didn't care that they tried to cram more people than what would fit on the duck. I don't care about rated capacity each person is a different shape and size so when the duck is full it's full. We ended up at 28. Once the ride began it was fun. There wasn't a time when I didn't feel safe. That being said I cannot comment on if the vehicle is or isn't safe because I've never researched the vehicle, I don't have the maintenance logs, I can only report how I felt the day we went. Would I do it again... Yes.

Maddox Sam

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Had a awesome time. Great crew and captain. Loved the mountain pass and the lake ride. We rode the ducks 4 days before the accident. are hearts go out for the family and loved ones who were lost. A big thanks for the crews that handle the aftermath your jobs are never easy. On a different note I would ride them again tomorrow awesome experience

Shelli Hanks

Wednesday, July 18, 2018
I used to go on this ride as a child, and therefore wanted my children to share the experience. Today’s visit did not disappoint. Our driver David did a great job, and our tour guide Captain Mama was absolutely wonderful. She did a fabulous job entertaining us, while teaching us history about the area. I would total recommend Ride the Ducks as part of any visit to Branson!!!

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