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Lazer Force - Osage Beach

5473 Osage Beach Parkway

Lazer tag is like a real life "Role Playing Game" (RPG). When you step into the arena you find yourself engulfed in blacklight, fog, flashing lights and heart pumping music. Excitement from start to finish for players 5 to 85 years of age.

Our arena utilizes the greatest lazer tag equipment in the world.

  1. NO LAG TIMES (It happens when it happens.) 
  2. COMPLETELY ACCURATE (You tag them in any lighted area, they are down.) 
  3. EQUIPMENT THAT WORKS (We don't keep playing vests that are not functioning correctly, we take them out and fix them, like everyone should.)

Fun for individuals or groups up to 26 players at a time.

When playing, a player shoots a lazer beam at another player's lights. When you tag them, you receive points for the tag and they will go down for 5 seconds (meaning they can't shoot). Everyone plays the whole game and never runs out of ammo or times they can be tagged. NO PAIN, unlike paintball. When the game is over, you can't believe how much fun you had. You come out and get your scorecard that tells you who you shot, who shot you, how well you did, and how well your team did.

Win or lose, everyone had fun and is ready for another exciting game.


Amanda Fischer

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018
Yesterday was our first time ever being there. The staff truly understands the concept of customer service, very friendly, very descriptive of explaining of what is expected, and how to properly play. Pricing was amazing. If you have kids that love to play nerf and are too short to ride carts like mine Lazer Tag is awesome. $8.50 for 20 minutes of fun per a person you can't beat it plus discounted rates for multiple games. There was a little wait time but we were perfectly fine with that as they had arcade games to offset the wait. Was also impressed with the cleanliness of the facility. We will for sure be adding this to our list of things to do whenever are in town.

TJ Bruce

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Was employed here roughly 4 years ago and played there many times. It is a great family friendly experience. And is a relatively cheap activity for the whole family to enjoy. The staff is very friendly and it is a family owned company.

Tracina S

Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018
Friendly staff. Good price. Lots of fun!

Jess Beyer

Saturday, July 14, 2018
This place was fun and the people were very nice. It was great and the prices were affordable.

Darrick Cato

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
If you like laser tag then it's great. It plays like a real life early 90's first person shooter like Doom or Wolfenstein. Which means you roam around a maze of hallways and shoot people and their base things. You can't duck or crawl or crouch or anything like that. Basically you are turned into a Star Wars Stormtrooper you suck and expect to get shot a lot.

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