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Jacob's Cave

Jacob's Cave
23114 Highway TT

Jacob's Cave was the first commercialized cave in die Lake of tlie Ozarks area and was opened for tourists in 1932. At that time wooden planks were used for walkways and kerosene lanterns for light.

Jacob's Cave is famous for it's depth illusion, reflective pools, ceiling sponge-work, prehistoric bones (mastodon, bear and peccary), and die world's largest geode. On the mile-long tour*, you will see every type of cave formation imaginable, from millions of "soda straws" and massive stalactites and columns, to delicate helectites. Evidence of six ice ages and three earthquakes can be seen in the cave. The temperature remains a constant 53 degrees inside the cave.

Jacob's Cave, between Versailles and Gravois Mills off Missouri Highway 5, on State Road TT, is die largest cave in the Lake area and is the only walk through cave in Missouri that is completely accessible to persons with (Usabilities. Baby strollers and wheel chairs are available for those who need them.

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