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Cool Crest Family Fun Center

10735 East US Highway 40

With 60 years of entertaining behind us Cool Crest has become Kansas City's premier family entertainment facility. Perfect for birthday parties, group events, or a night out with family and friends, Cool Crest is sure to please!

Our facility boasts four full 18 hole miniature golf courses, a 7000 square foot video game arcade, a full pizzeria and restaurant, go-karts, batting cages, and now, a full-time event staff ready to make your special event at Cool Crest a truly wonderful experience!


Tony Banks

Sunday, July 1, 2018
This is still my favorite place to play mini golf. It is run down and beat up, but every time I go back they've repaired or improved something. This time it was brand new greens, and a fresh coat of paint on some of the obstacles. I like that there are different obstacles andnthat they are well thought out instead of just placing a rock in the way or sand "sand" traps as some other mini golf places do. Mini golf isn't the only thing to like about Cool Crest. They've got a great arcade, go-karts and a batting cage if I remember correctly. I haven't tried the food. If I had only one complaint, it would be about the indoor staff. They do a great job of keeping the place looking nice, and they will help you out when you need it, but they could be friendlier. I felt like an imposition rather than a priority. The security guard, and the guys repairing and maintaining the course seemed happy to be there, and took interest in us and our experience. Overall, it's a great place, and I highly recommend it.

Melissa Munkers

Friday, July 13, 2018
Very friendly staff and great mini golf course. Lots of the arcade games were out of order. Even some that were not marked out of order, should have been due to eating tokens or having tokens jammed in the coin slot, or giving the wrong amount of tickets. The employees were nice and quick to give you back your lost coins but did not mark the machine as out of order, leaving it to do the same to the next poor kid.

Jack Phillips

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
I had a great time. Arcade games! We played mini golf and we were blown away by the variety of courses using mechanical and hill challenges. On TV you always see cool courses. Here you find those cool courses. Come to Cool Crest.

JP Richardson

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
This place has the best mini golf in town, maybe ever. I've been there many times in my adult life and really enjoyed myself. I even took my fiance there in our second date! The courses are actually very clever, not the boring ones that are simply a left corner and then a right corner... And if that's not enough, has not one, not two, but FOUR FULL 18 HOLE courses to play. It has been around since the 50's if that doesn't speak for it's awesomeness. They also have some subpart go carts, and a smaller arcade... But let's be honest, everyone is coming for that sweet sweet mini golf action.

Trent Robbins

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Cool Crest is one of the few mini golf courses around that still has the old mechanical pieces on the course for the most part they all still work besides a few which was not a big deal didn't interfere with the hole. It has a variety of courses they have 4 total to choose from which is nice so your not crowded with a lot of people. They have a decent size arcade with variety of old and new games which brings you back to your childhood if have the chance to go you should make the stop.

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