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Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center

Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center
7295 Highway 94 South

The Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center represents a window to the past and the U.S. Department of Energy’s commitment to the future through long-term surveillance and maintenance of the Weldon Spring Site and a strong community partnership. The Center, dedicated on August 5, 2002, houses exhibits that present a photographic history of the Weldon Spring area, the towns that once occupied this area, and the site’s historical contributions. It also details progression of the site cleanup process and construction of the 45-acre disposal cell and communicates the legacy of the site to current and future generations. Educational and outreach programs, tours, research opportunities, and volunteer opportunities are provided by the Center. A meeting room is available for public use. 

Adjacent to the Center is the 75-foot-high Weldon Spring Disposal Cell. A viewing platform on top of the cell offers a panoramic view of St. Charles County and the surrounding Howell Prairie. The 8-mile Hamburg Trail on the site links to the historic Katy Trail State Park  a bicycle and pedestrian trail that stretches almost 200 miles across the state along the Missouri River, and to the wildlife center at the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area northwest of the Center.

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