Stockstill Park

625 Stockstill Lane

Stockstill Park is very popular park and is a hub of activities for adults and children alike. The park, which sits along Roark creek, hosts softball and tennis leagues for all ages on its two softball fields and six tennis courts. Two large children's playgrounds can be found crawling with kids most all the time. Throughout the park, four separate covered pavilions are a popular community place for family picnics. A 1/2 mile paved walking trail surrounds the park. Public restrooms are available. A lighted soccer field and our newest feature, a skate park, can also be found in this 62 acre park.


Jennifer Swick

Friday, Dec. 8, 2017

Great place ..... Went to watch my friends son skateboard.... Incredible landscape..... Gorgeous stream.....

Kerdra Loesing

Saturday, Sep. 2, 2017

Ok so this is a horrible park to take your family . one the road there a couple girls in a red mustang almost hit us , they were driving all stupid then they pull in and leave. We get there and see the park is CLOSED no signs saying it will be closed either . then two guys in a truck started trying to do dougnuts and driving backwards . we decide to leave at this point (this all happened In like 3 minutes btw) then 3 guys looking like they are about to go do drugs show up . why do people have to ruin things ?

Dan Richards

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017

The walking trail and dog park are nice!

Cameron Emery

Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

Stockstill Park is a great park to go for a jog, or let your kids play on the playground. They also have Tennis, and baseball venues. Across the pedestrian bridge you can also find a skate park. Under the bridge you can play in creek. I docked Stockstill one star because the maintenance of the park isn't always 100% and I find some of the city ordinances excessive, and there appears to be a lack of enforcement.


Monday, July 10, 2017

My Zuma (11month old Lab/Shepherd cross) LOVES this place!!!!! Half the huge park is closed after repeated flooding this past spring (2017), but the dog park is A-OK! must register at Branson RecPlex (on Branson Hills Pkwy) as either a temporary guest or for a year long membership. Must bring proof of UTD shots etc. (I think its like $5 for one day pass, ~$25 for yearly) Plentiful grass, benches, agility type activities, 2 doggie water fountains, bags n receptacles for .... Well....ya know!! I've never had a negative experience with dog or owner here. Separate small & large dog areas.