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Saint Joseph Museums

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The St. Joseph Museums provides a gateway to the past by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting items that reflect the interests and history of the St. Joseph area and its citizens.


Esmie Tseng

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Fascinating museum on practices in the field of psychiatry. Staff is so well-informed and cares deeply about the museum.

Kayla Sierks

Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018
I brought many students from Rock Port Elementary to the museums over the years! Love the interesting exhibits, special events, book signings , and more! Great helpful and friendly personnel!

Alleda Johnsom

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
My experience at the Glore museum was excellent. I loved the doll displays and the real life models. I think that the history movie at the beginning was the best because it was so informative. I never knew all the things that the mental had to go through before there were actual treatments to deal with their symptoms. The whole thing was a great experience and I think that anybody who visit the museum will find that thier experience will be the same,

Gregor J. Rothfuss

Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010
the psychiatric museum in particular is amazing, because it is so honest. the methods used in that place are truly hair raising.

Matthew Gomez

Sunday, May 8, 2016
Alright. Guide could've been more knowledgeable.

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