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National Tiger Sanctuary

518 State Highway BB


We are... Dedicated to providing an educational facility to teach about environmental conditions that are effecting the Earth’s ecosystems. We do this through creating a safe and protected environment in which all ages can enjoy the delight of discovery. We exist to gain and share knowledge that will lead to solutions that benefit all species of life. We focus on big cats as examples of the beauty and diversity we need to preserve for the survival of our planet. We provide a safe, stress free, forever home for the animals.


Derek Krzanowski

Monday, July 9, 2018
Excellent place to go see and learn about exotic cats. Price is a little high but it's for a great cause so definitely worth it. We paid extra to feed the cats which would definitely not be worth it as you just shove a piece of chicken through a tube but you do get a t-shirt as part of the up charge and again, it goes to a great cause. If you are on a tight budget though, pay for the regular watch them feed tour (which is very worth the little extra) rather than the you feed tour. Both feeding tours are the same (which wasn't clear), just one you get to shove the chicken through the tube and get a t-shirt. Also, if only one of you wants to pay extra to do the you feed, you can do that since you go together with the watch them feed tour which would have been nice to know as well. 5 star rating for the great tour and very excellent guide, 3 star rating for clarity of how each package works ahead of time. A little more info on the website would go a long way... Still, what a great place to see and very highly recommended. Thanks for what you are doing for these animals!

mary conway

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
What an incredible place. We took the feeding tour so the cats came right up to the fence. You hear the history of each one from pet to pay to play reject to circus retiree. Well worth the time.

Trey Moran

Saturday, June 23, 2018
It was an amazing experience and good to know how much the workers care for the animals. They give the animals a good life that they couldn't have in the wild or in magic shows. They rescued and saved the lives of dozens and dozens of animals. It was a great experience and I would again and again.

Charlee Cooney

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
These people really care about the lions and tigers and jaguar and lemurs and boa they have under their care. They have rescued every animal they have. If you like places with no asphalt or concrete to walk or drive on, this is the place for you!Great outdoor places for them to play and live out their lives. A must see!

Branch Van

Friday, June 1, 2018
Nice and professional. Our tour guide was great. I brought my little brother and my 80 year old grandparents and they had scooters for them so they wouldn’t have to walk so much. Had a great time.

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