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Chestnutridge - National Tiger Sanctuary

518 State Highway BB


We are... Dedicated to providing an educational facility to teach about environmental conditions that are effecting the Earth’s ecosystems. We do this through creating a safe and protected environment in which all ages can enjoy the delight of discovery. We exist to gain and share knowledge that will lead to solutions that benefit all species of life. We focus on big cats as examples of the beauty and diversity we need to preserve for the survival of our planet. We provide a safe, stress free, forever home for the animals.


Lemony Scabs

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018
Everything this sanctuary stands for is marvelous - I'm so happy there are people out there looking out for these majestic endangered animals. And ANY review that complains about the price or 'black kettle' of them charging to see the cats after explaining how terrible it is that they're used for profit by previous owners - how do you think they can afford to feed and care for these cats when donations are not consistent? This is a NON-PROFIT organization, them allowing you onto their property to view the very animals they're working to save so you can help with the cost of ensuring their longevity ISN'T the same as; circuses, pay to play, or confined zoos. Help support their endeavors by ensuring others know they're a loving sanctuary for these animals, not by referring people to support other sanctuaries - or telling potential customers to keep their money and skip the tour. The tour is there so you can still donate to their cause but come out with an experience - Be grateful people like this are out there, and support them. Thank you for all you do NTS!

Mandi Curtwright

Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018
Go when it’s pretty outside. We went in October and it was somewhat chilly and windy. The entire thing is outside and there’s quite a bit of walking on a gravel path. Our tour guide was very informative and polite. We had three small children with us and they were in awe. We did the cheapest tour but it was perfect for us because of the attention span of our kids. I highly recommend. It’s a little out of the way from Branson (maybe 15-20) or so, but worth it.

Autumn Mock

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Absolutely loved our time at the Sanctuary! We so enjoyed getting the see the cats and hear their stories. Such beautiful animals and so well taken care of by super knowledgeable staff! I cannot wait to visit again!

MeTa MeLa

Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2017
Great management! Healthy animals. A more intimate interaction with the cats. The cats are so beautiful and their respectful care cultivates a more social personality for many of the cats. Merlin the lion was quite eager to show off to me all that he could do with his ball and Cora was prancing to show us his territory. Highly recommended!

John Janoch

Monday, Feb. 12, 2018
Wonderful experience here, they are all about rescue and not the exploitation of the big beautiful creatures. The basic tour is nice, but if you can upgrade to one of the longer more in-depth experiences you won't regret it.

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