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Vision: The Kansas City Zoo, with its world-class exhibits and exceptional programs, attracts visitors from around the world and families from close to home.

Mission: The Kansas City Zoo connects people to each other and the natural world to promote understanding, appreciation, and conservation.

The Kansas City Zoo, a private non-profit organization, is operated in agreement with the Kansas City, MO Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners, is partially funded by the Zoological District and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


Eleanor Droesch

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018
We visited the KC Zoo over Thanksgiving break and we had such a great time! The weather was gorgeous as well. Our daughter loved walking around and seeing the animals. Surprisingly, most of the animals were out and active so we got good views! There was also a very entertaining bird show that we would highly recommend! Lots of fun learning about some of the birds they have. And the birds fly right over your head too! The sky lift over the Safari section was relaxing and a new experience for our daughter (which she loved as well). Would not mind visiting the zoo again!

Samantha Allenbrand

Sunday, March 18, 2018
The zoo is easy to navigate. My group arrived near park opening at 9:30 and stayed almost until close at 4. We went on a cold day so some of the animals were not out, but it was not a problem because we got to see the majority. The two big shows, Birds of Wonder and Sea Lion Splash, were both entertaining and educational. The keepers were helpful answering questions about the park and the animals. Lots of fun!

Secretly Eleven 011

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Okay, I live right next to this zoo; I go to the zoo on my birthday... Every year and I LOVE the wild dogs although I would like a little more like one or two. Plus, the zoo is the most cheapest zoo I’ve ever been at but it’s WORTH your money... The employees are kind and helpful... Sadly, the polar bear paces back and forth which that means he needs a bigger enclosure than he does now.... I don’t see any other animals pacing back and forth in their enclosure so that’s AWESOME!!!

Kevin Vega

Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018
Great Zoo visit. Due to the weather quite a few of the animals were off display. There were some areas under construction but no signs as to what the projects were going to be. The sidewalks and roads could eventually be resurfaced to give it a new look. There were a couple of paths that walked you through trees and some of the old dead tree branches could use some trimming before they fall on someone. Today was very windy and you could hear a few branches cracking lightly. The staff was amazing and energetic!!! The animals look like they have great care. Overall great zoo!

Brittany Butler

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Reserved a group guided educational night tour and it was so AMAZING! Josh the quide was very educated no matter the question. I was absolutely stunned at how respectful he was to the animals and also teaching our group to be respectful as well. We will be back and actually prefer taking this route in the near future. Thank you kc zoo and especially Josh for the unforgettable experience with our family.

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