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Kansas City Zoo


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Vision: The Kansas City Zoo, with its world-class exhibits and exceptional programs, attracts visitors from around the world and families from close to home.

Mission: The Kansas City Zoo connects people to each other and the natural world to promote understanding, appreciation, and conservation.

The Kansas City Zoo, a private non-profit organization, is operated in agreement with the Kansas City, MO Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners, is partially funded by the Zoological District and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


Derrick Stinnett

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
There is so much to look at if you don't have a whole day or a couple of days don't waste your time. Loved it all it was great! Stingray bay is a must do! All the animals are taken care of and happy. Monkeys were really enjoyable. The sky safari is probably the most fun I have had in awhile. Boat ride and train ride was really great too. A nice touch is the water fans really helpful on a hot day.

Loki Kenata

Saturday, May 12, 2018
The zoo is a fantastic place to visit with your family and friends they offer single entry tickets or family season passes. If you plan to go more than once a season pass is the way to go. There are a lot of animals of all types to see there though I will admit when it's hot the animals mostly hide in the shade wherever that maybe so it's best to go on cool to warm days not hot or cold days. That being said my son and I had a blast there were food restaurants and random concessions to eat at or just refill your drink cup at. There is a lot of park to walk in, we covered about a third of it before we got tired and decided to head hone again making the year long season pass all the more worth it.

Cassie Anderson

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
We love the zoo in this family! With the very affordable Friends Of The Zoo pass we visit often. The employees are super friendly. They are currently building a sting ray exhibit that looks awesome. My 2 year old loves the billy goat area, I just wish the refreshment stand was open over there. I think I've only seen it open once!

Debra Boyer-howard

Friday, May 4, 2018
We picked a good day to go to the Zoo last Saturday. Free Parking! Beautiful weather and a slight breeze. There were lots of visitors that day so we took off for Africa to avoid the crowds at the front gate. Very beautiful Zoo and in a spacious area. Well kept walking paths with flowers and blooming trees all along. Benches were all along the paths for resting or sitting and eating your ice cream. Very good! We were able to walk to the back part of Africa and catch the ferry back to the Entrance to Africa where you could catch the Tram to take you back up the hill. The line was long so I walked and my husband rode his scooter back up the hill. Didn't take long and we were by the Sea Lions and just in time to see the Show. Stand back if you don't want to be wet. It was a good day to just enjoy being outside after all the cold weather we had. Saw the baby giraffe Dixie. At first I thought she was a statue but then she started running. So beautiful!

Shantel Coney

Monday, April 30, 2018
Not too crowded, got great views and pictures of the animals. Only complaint I had was all the vending machines for drinks around the park wouldn't take cash only cards, and I had to go up to 7 different machines to finally find one that wasn't totally sold out. I wasn't aware that you could bring your own drink so I will definitely be doing that next time. Overall it was a very pleasant and wonderful experience. Will definitely be coming back 😊😊😊

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