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Branson's Promised Land ZOO

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In 1992, Jeff and Diane Sanders moved their four boys and one girl down from Chicago in search of a quieter life.  However, they were in for a surprise.  In the early 90's the Sanders began raising rare and endangered animals for other zoos; since most zoos have difficulties breeding their own stock in confined areas.  With the wide open spaces of the Sanders farm and a lot of hard work the Sanders began to produce more and more animals for other zoos, then the people started to come.

With people coming by the breeding facility and asking for tours from time to time, the Sanders opened up a section of the park for tours and everything took off from there!  Over time, hundreds of visitors turned into many thousands annually and eventually the park expanded and opened under the name Promised Land ZOO in 1999.  With our ever-growing population of animals, and increasing popularity, we began rescuing animals that were in need and now our Eagle Rock population has over 60 rescued exotic animals in addition to our 500+ zoo residents.

In 2012, the Sanders decided to open another location.  After searching for the perfect spot for their new ideas, they settled on Branson, Missouri.  Now, in the spring of 2013, the Sanders Family will be opening Branson's Promised Land ZOO, and the focus is on Baby Animals and up close interaction with these rare and endangered animals in a monitored and safe environment.

In addition to the many years of experience that the Promised Land ZOO owners and permenant staff have to offer, many of our employees are active members in the Feline Conservation Federation, the Zoological Association of America and continue their education on a daily basis.  Much of our permenant staff are fully qualified with Bachelor's of Science Degrees in Biology & Wildlife Conservation Management, are certified Veterinary Technicians or Master Naturalists.

The Sanders Family have dedicated their lives to provide the very best in care for their animals while entertaining the masses.  We hope that you will get a chance to witness all that God has provided us at our newest endeavor in Branson!



Monday, May 21, 2018
It is exciting to know that the zoo is expanding. The staff is really nice and very helpful. The encounters are exciting and we'll put together. I think once the expansion is completely done, it'll all be perfect. The only thing I would recommend to be added was an indoor theater so guests wouldn't have to sit in the scorching sun, but I heard you were already thinking about it, so I'm satisfied. This was my third visit, each year I have been a VIP+ and it never gets old. It's always exciting for me to interact with animals you don't see everyday and see some of the same animals you've seen before because you get a feeling that you know them and have the slightest connection. All in all, best zoo ever.

Linda Bennett

Saturday, May 12, 2018
We love visiting, the tram was a great way to see animals more closely and feeding the camel and other animals a fun and unique experience. We then came back from that and did the animal encounter, I touched or held all three presented (my husband declined on the snake). I didn't want to give the joey back - so cute - but knew I had to do it. From there walked the area and I bought a cup of animal food. My husband thought I was the biggest KID (a senior) there. We also did the drive through and saw the same animals as on the tram but at a different vantage point. We thoroughly enjoyed our day there.

Fred Stewart

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Visiting Promised Land zoo has been on my wish list for just over a year. I tend to build up experiences in my head and then I'm left disappointed. Well that wasn't the case at Promised Land zoo. I found the entire experience very fulfilling. I went for the VIPplus ticket And I think it was money well spent. I spent just about 4 hours enjoying everything the park had to offer. The staff was amazing. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. The tram tour was fun and gave you an up close and personal interaction with several large animal species. The parakeet house was more fun than I expected. I enjoyed the live show. Oh getting to interact with the sloths was so cool! I really can't say enough good thinks about my experience. Looking forward to a return trip.

Katie Sidorowicz

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Wow! The admission price is beyond fair. The animals were all extremely social, and obviously well fed and cared for. The layout of the zoo is great and most enclosures are up close to the walking paths. You're allowed and encouraged to pet the animals that are safe and gentle enough to pet, and most of them couldn't get enough. The caretakers were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to share information. They have animal shows at no additional charge in which they bring out several different animals not on display (5-6). They will talk about each animal and allow you to pet them. Toby and Liz were the caretakers we encountered. They were kind and enthusiastic. There are a lot of happy animals packed into this little zoo (little in terms of overall acreage compared to other zoos), but don't let looks deceive you-- This is a big place!

Christi Wegner Herron

Monday, May 7, 2018
I had a wonderful time at the zoo! The staff was extremely polite and knowledgeable about all the animals. Tim was really a nice guy and let my cousin and i get some real up close experience with the animals and some great pictures. Marcia was fantastic by letting us have extra time with the sloths, which we loved! All in all i had a really great day and would recommend your facility to everyone! You have some great people working for you and a great change of venue for down town Branson!

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