Show: Mind Over Matt

Show:  Mind Over Matt

Sunday, Oct 8, 2017


So what’s Mind Over Matt all about?  Ever argue with yourself?  Ever said, “I don’t know what got into me?”  This is the story of Matthew Lane, a successful illustrator with a couple of deadlines and several squabbling inner personalities who do weird and wonderful things.  As he tries to gather up enough nerve to ask out the girl of his dreams, Matt’s egos, who all have their own hang-ups, lead him in one too many directions.  When Matt’s overworked boss comes to believe that he has a crush on her, the conflicted egos manage to make a bad situation much, much worse and hilarity ensues.The cast features Garrett Dunn, Michelle Jamison, Sue Utter, Jude Blotter, Ian Ferguson, Misty Hammer, Matthew Story, Harley MacMorran, Caitlyn Rives, Avery Atnip, and Quentin McDonald.  Veteran director Tom Brown is heading the production. 

Tom says, “I directed this show some six years ago here at Stone’s Throw, but due to a huge snow storm all but two performances were cancelled.  When the chance came up for me to direct a show this season, I immediately thought of Mind Over Matt.   I love this play.  It has both witty dialogue and physical humor.  My one big concern with doing the show again was that the last time I had such an amazing cast that I wondered if I could ever find a cast to equal it.  Well, I shouldn’t have worried.  This cast is amazing.  They have worked extremely hard at developing their characters, learning their lines, and having some fun along the way.  My thanks go to these guys and gals for making this second go-around as good as the first, and to my co-director, Betsy Fleischaker, who has helped make this a much better play than I could have alone.”

The dinner menu includes Caesar salad, Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and whiskey glazed carrots, with a dessert of peach cobbler with cinnamon ice cream.  When making your reservations, please let us know if anyone in your party has food allergies or other dietary restrictions.  We’ll work to accommodate you.