The 10 Best Candy Shops in Missouri!

If you find yourself in Missouri with a craving for some sweets, you’re in luck. There’s a plethora of places to satisfy your sweet tooth. From the classic, to the socially-conscious, to the works of candy art, Missouri is more than able to help you out. Here are the 10 best candy stores in the state. 

1. Simply Irresistible, Branson, MO

Like most places in Branson, its best candy shop is big, flashy, and has a million things you can buy. It prides itself on offering every kind of old-fashioned candy that ever lived in anyone’s memory, and looking at the rows and rows of glass jars filled with brightly colored treats, it’s easy to believe. Make sure to try the taffy—they offer 120 different flavors!

2. Sweetheart Chocolates, Farmington, MO

Sweetheart Chocolates sits on what they call “the sweetest corner in town,” under old-fashioned red and white striped awnings. Its cases hold 64 feet worth of chocolate, and they have a goal of stocking every single flavor of Jelly Bellys ever offered!

3. Chip’s Chocolate Factory, Kansas City, MO

Unlike other candy stores that stock and sell popular favorites, Chip’s Chocolate Factory makes 95 percent of everything it sells right in their store. They are most famous for their Kansas City Fudge—their own creation—which they sell in over 40 flavors!

4. Ms. M’s Candy, St. Louis, MO

Ms. M’s actually calls itself a candy boutique! That’s because not only do they offer a variety of handmade and special request candies, they also follow (and set!) candy trends and display it all in a high fashion presentation. Ms. M’s is the place to go to get both your sense of taste and style satisfied. 

5. The Candy Factory, Columbia, MO

The Candy Factory is a chocolatier in Columbia, with some of the most creative and mouthwatering original creations this side of the Mississippi. They offer chocolate pizza, chocolate theme baskets, gift box towers, and best of all chocolate and coffee baskets. They’re most famous for their chocolate covered strawberries, which they offer in five different kinds of chocolate!

6. Route 66 Candy Shoppe, Waynesville, MO

Although the building where the Route 66 Candy Shoppe is housed is a new construction, it is designed to fit into the Waynesville community’s historic feel. In fact, the owners used decor from the farms of both their grandparents to create a look reminiscent of the Oleson General Store on “Little House on the Prairie.” In the crates, barrels and baskets from the farms, the Route 66 Candy Shoppe displays the best candies from both past and present. 

7. Sweet Be’s Candy and Gifts, St. Louis, MO

Sweet B’s in St. Louis is more than just a candy store, though its candy offerings can stand up against anyone’s—especially the candy bouquets and pick-your-own-gourmet-chocolates box. They also offer creative toys, crafts, and, uniquely, a collection of custom-made magnets that will complement every custom-made candy collection you can buy!

8. How Sweet is This, Clayton, MO

It bills itself as the “Itsy Bitsy Candy Shoppe,” and at 300 square-feet, it’s not kidding. How Sweet is This has organized so many unique and classical goodies into one tiny shop that it was named one of the Food Network’s “50 Best Candy Stores in America.”

9. Andre’s Confiserie Suisse, Kansas City, MO

There’s a reason Swiss chocolate is world famous, and one visit to Andre’s in Kansas City will make it clear why. Along with the delectable bakery treats, they offer hand-made chocolates and other gourmet candies that may be par for the course in Switzerland, but definitely stand out here! Andre’s has opened several locations, but the original location on the Plaza is still the best for old-world atmosphere.

10. Askinosie Chocolate, Springfield, MO

It’s hard to know where to start piling on accolades for Askinosie in Springfield. They were named one of Forbes “25 Best Small Companies in America,” they share their knowledge with candy students through their Chocolate University, and they buy local and support local farmers. In addition, they give a percentage of their income away so they can “do as much good as we can in the world.” But they recognize that none of that would be possible without the chocolate, so the bulk of their efforts goes toward making the best, most creative, and most delicious chocolate in the world. 

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